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Covenant Pet Trust, Inc. has a mission to prevent neglect, abuse, and euthanasia of your pets by providing education and resources for planning your pet's future without you. Our efforts are not limited to cats and dogs.  We also help with horses, birds, fish, pocket pets – almost anything that isn’t venomous.

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Honoring your commitment to your pet

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We work with you to plan for your pet in the event your pet outlives you.


We assist with trap neuter and the return of community cats.


We offer support to keep pets in their home due to foreseen circumstances.

This is a FREE starter kit that gives you the tools you need to create your own custom plan.


This is a great affordable way to ensure that YOU decide the fate of your beloved pets


Provides refuge and comfort for your pets in the event of your death. 

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We need your help!! We are looking for a local hero! And we know that you know where to find that hero.  We want to celebrate an individual or business that demonstrates a commitment to improving and protecting animals lives.   What can you do? Tell us about that special person and why this person/business inspires you. To nominate the person/business of your choice complete & submit the form below. Nominees are accepted all year round and must be located in the following Florida counties Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Suwannee, & Union. The deadline for nominations is October 15th of each year.  The Animal Advocate Award will be presented at the Annual WuffStock Festival in November at Darby Pavilion Lake City Florida.  (see events page for more WuffStock info). 

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We often have pets available for adoption. most come from deceased, terminally ill owners or shelters where pets of deceased owners have been sent.

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