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Covenant Pet Trust Inc. is a 501c3 organization

Covenant Pet Trust is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Nothing contained in our program should not be construed as legal advice or the practice of law.  
The forms we provide are not a substitute for legal counsel.

Covenant Pet Trust (CPT) is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that educates and assists people to plan  for their pets future in the event of their owners death.   According to the Humane Society of The U.S., an estimated 500,000 pets are surrendered to shelters each year by shelters and veterinarians because their owners died and failed to make a plan for their pets.  Many more pets are removed from their owner's lives when their owners become terminally ill and need their pets comfort the most. We believe pets and their people should be together as long as possible, and that people should be at peace about their pets' ultimate care.  We work with pet owners to help ensure that special relationship continues, even when the pet owner becomes ill or disabled.  Our goal is to insure the joy and comfort only a beloved pet can bring; as well as the peace of mind that come from knowing exactly what will happen to that pet in the event of the owners death.   If you’d like more information about us or would  like to discuss planning for your pet contact us at 386-288-1339 or covenantpettrust@gmail.com  We are always happy to help!


It’s important to recognize that when your pets’ futures are not part of your plans and directives, their lives can be at risk.  Even when well-meaning, but ill-prepared friends or relatives take pets out of grief or a desire to help the family, there is risk.  Many of these pets are later taken to shelters or humane societies which are already overcrowded.  An alarming number of these pets are euthanized.


Great pet owners plan ahead for their pets just as they do for other family members or special friends. Together, we can develop a personalized plan so you can enjoy your pets now and be confident they will receive love and great care in the future.  Cost is part of the planning, and as a responsible owner, you’ll want to contribute to the continuation of quality of life you have established for your pets. The cost will be determined by income and level of services needed.  Check out the three available plans below to see if one of them is just what you need. 


This is a FREE starter kit that gives you the tools you need to create your own custom plan.  We provide you with emergency wallet cards and planning workbook that you can download today. 
Once you complete the booklet be sure to share it with your friends and family and appoint someone you trust to carry out your plan. 
Both the planning workbook and the emergency cards can be downloaded from our forms page.   There is NO cost to use our forms and cards.
Money should never be a barrier to planning for
your pets future. Even on a budget with a little thought and lot's
of love you can create a plan to protect your pets.


This is a great affordable way to ensure that YOU decide the fate of your beloved pets.
We provide you with a planning workbook and assist you with completing your plan. We also supply pet tags, door hangers, microchip and emergency wallet cards.


When completed and registered we provide you with a copy of your signed agreement for you to share with your family, trustee and friends to ensure that your directives for your pets are known and carried out in the event of your death.  

In the event of an emergency or your death your records are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to emergency services or animal control with just one phone call.  

This plan can be updated or upgraded at any time. If you get a new pet you can add them at any time for an additional $45.00 fee per pet.


The Legacy Plan provides refuge and comfort for your pets in the event of your death.  We provide you with your planning worksheet, pet tags, door hangers, microchip, emergency wallet cards and registration in our database.    


We will work with you to complete your custom plan and upon your death, we ensure you plan is carried out according to your wishes.  

Options available include but are not limited to placing your pet in our adoption program, foster care and transport of your pet to a bequeathed owner. We provide a safe comfortable place for your pets to rest while we carry out your final plans for your pet.  
Costs begin at $85.00 for the first pet, $45.00 for each additional pet for supplies and registration of your plan.

Then upon your death a $500.00 pet care fee will be paid to Covenant Pet Trust or the Legacy Partner of your choice for the intake and care of each pet according to your custom pet pan. Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed to prior to completing and signing your Legacy Plan. 



In appreciation of the service that our military families provide to us and our country we will carry out all Legacy Plan directives for military personnel (at their request) when transferred overseas or deployed for war, not only in the event of their death.  If our military heroes must leave their pets behind to protect our country they should do so with peace of mind, knowing that their beloved pets are safe and cared for.

Legacy Partner

How it works:

Rescue partners have agreed to accept pets into their adoption program through our  Legacy Planning program. These partners agree to take specific pets located in their area in the event of the death of that pets owner. For example some rescues only accept purebred dogs, or only cats or horses or reptiles. We will make a plan for any pet.  Covenant Pet Trust works with pet parents to create their custom  plan. We also partner with approved Rescue Partners who agree to accept the pet into their adoption program.  Once an organization becomes an approved CPT Legacy Partner they are notified of a pet parent that wishes to bequeath their pet to that organization. Detailed pet information is provided to the Legacy Partner and the decision is made by the Legacy Partner if their organization is a good fit for that pet.  Upon the death of the pet's owner the pet is transferred to the Legacy Partner along with the agreed upon fee for the care of that pet.  

How to become
A Legacy Partner

Here is how you can become part of the solution! If you are a 501c3 registered charity with a mission to save lives you are a good fit for our Legacy Partner Program. Just follow this link to the Legacy Partner Application, fill it out and email it to CovenantPetTrust@gmail.com and we will contact you to discuss the details of a partnership. Our goal with the CPT Legacy Partners is to provide peace of mind to pet owners all over the world. 


Availability of pets in our adoption program depends on circumstances beyond our control.   We don't always have pets available for adoption but when we do they will be listed here. Most pets come into our adoption program due the death or terminal illness of their owner so when pets come to us it's usually without prior notice.  Please keep checking back with us to see if we have your perfect pet.  Meanwhile, just click on the orange Petango LOGO above to search for adoptable animals in your area. 

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