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How it works:

Rescue partners agree to accept pets into their adoption program through our Pet Planning program. These partners agree to take specific pets located in their area in the event of the death of that pets owner in accordance with their rescue/organization mission. For example some rescues only accept senior or purebred dogs, or only cats or horses or reptiles. We will make a pet plan for any non venemous pet.  Covenant Pet Trust works with your organization and the pet parents to create their custom pet plan. We also partner with approved Rescue Partners who agree to accept the pet into their adoption program.  Once an organization becomes an approved CPT Legacy Partner they are notified of a pet parent that wishes to bequeath their pet to that organization. Detailed pet information is provided to the Legacy Partner and the decision is made by the Legacy Partner if their organization is a good fit for that pet.  Upon the death of the pet's owner the pet is transferred to the Legacy Partner along with the agreed upon fee for the care of that pet.  There is no cost to rescues to participate in the Legacy Pet Program. 

How to become
A Legacy Partner

Here is how you can become part of the solution! If you are a 501c3 registered charity with a mission to save lives you are a good fit for our Legacy Partner Program. Just click on the Legacy Partners Only button below , fill  out the Legacy Partner application and we will contact you to discuss the details of a partnership. Our goal with the CPT Legacy Partners Program is to provide peace of mind to pet owners all over the world.  386-288-1339 or email us at CovenantPetTrust@gmail.com



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